GAIA is an independent womenswear labelwith sustainability at its core. Founded in 2018 as an alternative for modern women wanting a versatile-yet-refined wardrobe, without compromising on ethics.

GAIA’s signature combines relaxed silhouettes and novel proportions, clean lines, and precise detailing.

The collections are designed and produced in Brighton in limited quantities. Passionate about retaining the craft of constructing clothes, each piece is cut and finished by hand. The ethos at GAIA is to produce premium-quality products while preserving the environment, making fabric selection a key stage. The core collection is made up of GOTS certified organic cotton, cruelty-free peace silk, and vegetable-tanned leather – the addition of vintage and dead stock fabrics for small-runs and one-off pieces is a further effort to reduce waste by using what already exists.

GAIA’s aim is to produce pieces that the wearer will treasure for years to come.

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